Google News
Google Finance
Google Finance offers a broad range of information about stocks, mutual funds, public and private companies. In addition, Google Finance offers interactive charts, news and fundamental data.
Curtis' Homestead
Website geared towards sharing photos taken while hiking and kayaking in the Northwestern New Jersey area.

User control panel - Free Sitemap Generator
Music Search
Determine city, US area code, flag, latitude and longitude information for IP addresses worldwide, and view location on google map.
Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association


Kenneth Parker Photography
The stunning large format landscape photography of Kenneth Parker, former assistant to Eliot Porter. He treks many miles and waits for days to capture compelling color imagery from remote pristine wilderness areas in the American West and Southwest, South America, Asia and around the world.
Delaware County Camera Club
Photo Sharing, Photography Courses and more -
Picture-takers unite! makes photography and photo sharing easy. Meet friends, make better photos, ignite your creativity!
New York Institute of Photography - Home
Photography Education, Photography How-To
ShortCourses-The On-line Library of Digital Photography
Southeast Asia Photography - Nature Photographs / Wildlife Photos - Scott Stulberg
Search Southeast Asia Photography and Nature Photographs by viewing South East Asia Photos of Nature and Wildlife Photography from Scott Stulberg.
Epic Edits Weblog | A Photography Resource for the Aspiring Hobbyist
A Photography Resource for the Aspiring Hobbyist
Pixdaus, God Gave Us Pics!
Joe Braun Photography - Gorges of the Finger Lakes!
Joe Braun Photography -- fine-art photography from the Finger Lakes, New York (Watkins Glen, Taughannock Falls, Treman State Park, Buttermilk Falls, Letchworth, etc.)
Photojojo » Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights
National Geographic Channel strikes again...mind blowing! (mortgage, finance, debt)
debt consolidation, extra income, cash and personal loans


Flaxseeds and your health
Healing foods reference database
Common Muscular Weaknesses
Spine Rotation (Back Stretches) @ ABC-of-Fitness
This article contains instructions on how to do the spine rotation. Exercise & Muscle Directory
Fitness Exercises - Leg Stretches @ ABC-of-Fitness
Find out how to do the Basic Leg Stretches in this section.
The Fat Primer
A Brief Look At Fats, Their Chemistry and Impact on health.
New Jersey - Eat Wild
Eat Wild - The clearinghouse for information about pasture-based farming.
Why Healthy Butter is Better
Learn why butter is a healthier food choice than margarine or other hydrogenated oils.
SheehanPowerPointResponse.pdf (application/pdf Object)
A Brief Overview Of The Health Benefits Of Raw Milk
Get up to date on the health benefits of raw milk.
::: Welcome to Wellness Goods Home Page : A Global Resource Center :::
How Many Calories Do You Need? - 24 Fit Club
A blog about getting fit with 24 Hour Fitness
Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomy | Tour: What Is It?
What is the Visible Body? Description of the Visible Body, the most comprehensive interactive 3D human anatomy tool on the market today.

Alternative Energy Innovation News
BuildItSolar: Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution
Build It Solar will help people with Do It Yourself skills build solar projects that save money and reduce pollution. It is a "hands-on" site with detailed plans for solar projects including solar space heating, water heating, passive solar home design, solar pool heating, solar cooking, photovoltiacs, wind generators, and others.


Poynter Online - Fifty Writing Tools
Writerisms and other Sins: A Writer's Shortcut to Stronger Writing by C.J. Cherryh
An article on stronger writing.
The Modern Library | 100 Best | Nonfiction
10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online --
Students searching for 10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online found the following information relevant and useful. General Fiction - Self Publishing - Free
Looking for self publishing resources? lets you publish and sell and print on demand books, e-books, online music, images, custom calendars and photo books. - Search Famous, Top Rated and Most Popular Quotes
Quickly search for famous quotations. Rate and tag popular quotes and people.
Literature Project - Online Hypertext - Recommended eBooks
Online chapter-indexed hypertext and recommended eBook software downloads.
Free eBooks — All Our Classic Books and Novels
Welcome to Planet eBook, the home of free classic literature. We offer an assortment of classic novels and books in electronic form which you are free give to your friends, classmates, students, anyone!


Yostwerks Kayak Building Manuals - Homebuilt kayaks by Thomas Yost
Free instrucions and plans, easy to build - homebuilt SOF kayak designs.
FSKA Florida Sea Kayaking Association's General Information on kayakingHistory of Sea Kayaking
The Dash Point Pirate
Folding Kayak Builders Manual - Folding Kayak Design Menu
Folding Kayak Designs by Tom Yost

web design

HTML Playground, html, css reference by example
HTML XHTML CSS tutorials, references, code examples. Play with the code, try how it works
Resources For Web Design
Resources For Web Design
Little Boxes
Workarounds for CSS browser issues.
NYPL: Style Guide: CSS: Guidelines 3
A Style Guide for the Branch Libraries of the New York Public Library.
Dynamic Drive- Links and Buttons
Curtis Home Earthlink
Most used CSS tricks |
Dejan Cancarevic web designer and programmer, css, xhtml, php, mysql, xml
XHTML Character Entity Reference
The Internet Marketing List: 59 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren't | Conversation Marketing: Internet Marketing Strategy Blog
Internet marketing is about lots of little things, not one big one. This list is half-list, half-procedure. If you go down these items in order it might give you a decent internet marketing plan for the next few months. If you have others, post ’em as comments: If you have a Flash introduction on your web site, delete it. If you don’t agree, try this: Shove your head into a bucket of water. Stay in there, not breathing, for 10 seconds longer than is comfortable. That’s what you’re doing to your customers. Delete it, please. Check the load speed of
Elvan Online - Online color picker, color scheme generator - Young Smart Software
ElvanOnline is an online color picker and color scheme generator.

computers Learning the shell.
Learn the Linux command line
Windows XP Tips and Tricks
Linux-Unix cheat sheets - The ultimate collection >> Scott Klarr
A blog that is technology centric where I discuss topics about programming, computers, linux, software, hardware, javascript, php, mysql, ajax, css, w3c standards and more. Come and subscribe today! Learning the shell.
Learn the Linux command line
Johnny Chung Lee - Human Computer Interaction Research
60+ Killer Open Courseware Collections for Web Designers - College
The Internet being what it is, web designers do not have a hard time finding resources. However, there are times when you have to call in the big guns.
The W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C's easy-to-use HTML validation service, based on an SGML parser.


Free Online Course Materials | Courses | MIT OpenCourseWare
Free Courses, Lecture Notes, Syllabus, Tutorials, Audio & Video from MIT professors. All Free. No registration. | MIT OpenCourseWare |


"Time Management" by Randy Pausch, 1998
New: see Randy's book about this "Last Lecture" at The newer 2007 version of this lecture is.... Oct 9, 2007.
advanced google search
glumbert - the most amazing videos on the internet
This is The center of the universe for the hottest, most outstanding, zaniest, and downright amazing videos you'll ever see ... anywhere.
How To Hack A 12 Volt Battery (Technology: Gadgets)
Video: How To Hack A 12 Volt Battery. You will be surprised what's inside a 12 volt battery! An easy hack that will save you money!. , How Do I Hack A 12 Volt Battery. Gadgets.

google image optimization

Feeling Sandboxed? How You Can Get 53% More Searches with One Tweak — Pearsonified
Google Image Search SEO - 9 Ways to Improve Google Image Search Rankings
9 Ways to Improve Google Image Search Rankings and Drive More Traffic to Your Site
Preventing Image Bandwidth Theft With .htaccess (
Protect your images from bandwidth theft (linked by other websites) by using a .htaccess file
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Home control

Automated Outlet - Home Automation, Lighting Control, Security & Surveillance Outlet Store Automated Outlet
controlthink home
Z-Wave World
Zwave Products Inc. - How is the bwired Home Automation, domotica done

Logitech® Harmony® Member Web (
MyEmbarq - Play your life!
Windows XP SP2 Security Features - Online Directory Assistance
Free searches for people and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
popurls® | popular urls to the latest web buzz
popurls® is the mother of aggregators, the ultimate source for the latest web buzz and news | by thomas marban
Zillow - Real Estate Valuations, Homes for Sale, Free Real Estate Information
Zillow provides free real estate information including homes for sale, comparable homes, historical sales, home valuation tools and more. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, selling a home, agent, broker, buyer of investment property or real estate professional - Get Your Edge in Real Estate at
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
HowStuffWorks explains hundreds of subjects, from car engines to lock-picking to ESP, using clear language and tons of illustrations. We do the research so you don't have to.
Musicovery : interactive webRadio
Discover new music based on your mood, this free webradio let you browse music styles and epochs
make - Instructables - DIY & How To
Google Image Search - 10,000 uniques/day
One of my websites, Naruto Wallpaper, recently had its traffic increase from 1,000 to 10,000 uniques per day. The extra ...
Texture Station - Wood backgrounds
Hartman Essay: Words to Know New Jersey by the numbers
Geneva Motor Show Preview: Subaru to unveil diesel boxer engine - AutoblogGreen
Simple Firefox Tips and Tricks (Some of Which You Might Not Know...) - Make Tech Easier
I have used Firefox browser for a long time and I always think that I know all the features inside out. When I was told of the following seemingly simple
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- Preventing Directory Listing
Beginner's Guide to SSI (server side includes)
Solar Balloons Get $21 Million In Funding : MetaEfficient
The Best Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers For 2007 : MetaEfficient
Joomla! - What is Joomla! ?
Joomla! - Content Management System and Web Application Framework
Plug In America - Promoting Plug-in Cars for a Better America
Are plastic water bottles a health hazard? - Gaiam Community
Is it true that refilling and reusing some types of plastic bottles can cause health problems? Straight talk about the research on how unsafe single-use plastic bottles are, and how to avoid the dangers.
Nanosolar - Home Page
Architectural Decor - Crown Molding - In Stock
Wishihadthat stocks in quantity...<br>well over 200 different styles of <br>Crown Moulding. For unmatched selection<br> and service, Wishihadthat can supply <br>what your project requires! - Thousands of Full-Text Free Books
page description
The Root of All Evil? Part 1: The God Delusion. (Richard Dawkins, 2006)
The Root of All Evil? is a television documentary, written and presented by Richard Dawkins, in which he argues that the world would be bett.... Apr 12, 2007.
Rusty Lime - Home
Rusty Lime. Intelligent discussion on technology, philosophy, politics, love, life, inspiration, and more.
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About | Zen Habits
RIAA Radar
World's Smallest Political Quiz
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave: Chapter 1
Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides
800+ texts of classic literature, drama, and poetry together with detailed literature study guides. Large reference book and non-fiction section
Libertarian Quotes
Planet simulation games - Web Game Site DAN-BALL
Please enjoy the world of universal gravitation.
Niagrafalls.jpg (JPEG Image, 681x447 pixels)
DailyTech - Researcher: Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"
New derivation of equations governing the greenhouse effect reveals "runaway warming" impossible
DailyTech - Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling
Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming
Your anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site. Updated continually.
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave: Chapter 1 - Visual Trace Route Tool
The visual trace route tool displays the path Internet packets traverse to reach a specified destination.
The Cato Institute
PEN American Center - Li Jianhong: Days of Illegal Detention
5 Time Tested Techniques to Control and Calm Your Mind
Installing Crown Molding | Crown Molding | How-to | This Old House - Overview
Tom Silva shows you how to add sculptural interest to rooms with this architectural element
UC Berkeley Webcasts | Video and Podcasts: Spring 2008 Courses » Blog Archive » Bill of Rights Under Bush: A Timeline
Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully - in Ten Minutes, by Stephen King
Most Visited Sites
Listings of the most visited proxy sites.
Making compost: Journey to Forever organic garden
Raw Meaty Bones
Original raw meaty bones information describing optimum raw food diet for pet dogs, cats and ferrets and the facets of the junk pet-food fraud: diet induced cruelty, ill health and suffering of dogs, cats and ferrets, counterfeit science, mass poisoning of pets, official corruption, veterinary school and veterinary regulatory corruption, failed scientific paradigms, economic, human health and environmental burdens, failure of democratic, legal and administrative systems.
Science and technology information from Scientific American
Firearm Permit process in New Jersey"
Albert Einstein's 5 Houses Riddle - Mighty Puzzles
Internet's biggest online puzzle games database. This site is dedicated to all kind of logical puzzles and puzzle games.
Login to ProQuo
Quit Smoking Counter - Online counter that measures smoking cessation and the length of time the person has stopped smoking, money you saved and extra live gained!.
Online quit smoking counter that measures smoking cessation and the length of time the person has stopped smoking, money you saved and extra live gained!.
What do you think of the proliferation of surveillance cameras in American cities? |
I feel safer4% (40 votes)I feel like I have less privacy61% (551 votes)I feel safer, but less private21% (188 votes)I don&#039;t really notice13% (117 votes)
Top 25 Censored Stories for 2008 | Project Censored
Vote on freedom of expression marks the end of Universal Human Rights | International Humanist and Ethical Union
Red Square
nice game red square
Strike The Root - a journal of liberty
a libertarian journal of commentary and current events
A Low Impact Woodland Home
#1 No Habeas Corpus for “Any Person” | Project Censored
In signing statement, Bush asserts right to open your physical mail | Corrente
The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Car: 285 MPG, Not A Hybrid : Gas 2.0
The Power of the Jury | Political Bunker
UPI - this is the secret that no one wants you to know: If you serve on a jury, and you just flat don't like the law you're asked to enforce, you do
Bad Science » Coolest science toy ever
Ben Goldacre is a medical doctor who writes for the Guardian, the BMJ and more on pseudoscience and medicine in culture.
atLindas » Spinning Girl
Calvin & Hobbes @ - Your Campus Online!
Evaluating Internet information
MayerBlog Archive: The Archive of David N. Mayer's Web Log
CEI Launches National Ad Campaign on the Impact of Al Gore’s Global Warming Policies | cooler heads
Cooler Heads Coalition is an international group of non-profit organizations dedicated to smarter thinking on the subject of global warming and climate change
Rubens Tube Physics Experiment :: Science Videos
Warning! More science ahead. This is actually really cool. I don't mean "Rock Star" cool, but to dorks like me, this is cool.
When did America become a nation of frightened wimps? |
informationliberation - The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher - By John Taylor Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year, 1991
The news you're not supposed to know...
The Fresco At Herculaneum - John Taylor Gatto
Sparta, Athens’ neighbor, was a horse of a different color. Society in Sparta was organized around the concept of cradle-to-grave formal training. The whole state was a universal schoolhouse, official prescriptions for the population filled every waking minute and the family was employed as a convenience for the state. Sparta’s public political arrangements were an elaborate sham, organized nominally around an executive branch with two legislative bodies, but ultimate decision-making was in the hands of ephors, a small elite who conducted state policy among themselves. The practical aspect of imitation democracy figures strongly in the thought of later social thinkers such as Machiavelli (1532) and Hobbes (1651), as well as in minds nearer our own time who had influence on the shape of American forced schooling.