Here's some links that I've found useful and/or interesting.

Firefox- A nice browser alternative, much faster than IE. It is unbeatable when combined with the ad-blocking and the stumble Plugins. I also use the Thunderbird e-mail client. A simple weather site. If you give them $5 a year you can view the site ad-free- Nice. A good place to shop for just about anything. Most of the items are either overstock or refurbished.

Chesapeake Light Craft Website for Plywood boat kits. Has a lot of different projects to choose from. I'm partial to the CLC 17LT and the Pax.

Gibson Research Corporation Useful site to test your firewall and port settings. Some interesting articles about computer security.

analogx Some nice little programs. A website of free Downloadable books. Many, many, free, Downloadable books.

Annual Credit Not to be confused with " is the official site to help consumers obtain their free credit report." The credit reporting agencies are required to provide this information about you, to you, on an annual basis when requested. I used the site last year and plan on doing it again this year. It's important to know what others know about your credit history.

Sun Farm Network Website For New Jersey company which installs solar panels. They had a special program which resulted in you having the panels installed for free. No, really. I'm not sure if the program is still available.

Google News. News stories collected by Google.

DynamicDrive Website "for free, original DHTML scripts and components..." I found the eyes from this page and the original code for the new navigation on this website.

My current (edited) Bookmarks.